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Let's all enjoy life!

Now more than ever we need to grab every opportunity that we can to enjoy life.

Fortunately, there are a lot of simple pleasures we can enjoy. Cooking and DIY are some of my greatest pleasures. I like keeping busy and spend a lot of time perfecting different recipes or doing DIY around the house and garden.

I recently built an outdoor kitchen. It all started when I decided to clear the rubbish (particularly umpteen dead Christmas trees!) from the bottom of the garden as a lockdown project. Once it was cleared I saw the potential of the space and the project grew from there.

My wife, Scouse Mrs D, secretly entered me into a national competition for the best lockdown project and I won! Many thanks to IronmongeryDirect for choosing me as the winner.

from this...

DIY, home diy, scouse mr darcy, woodfired oven, outside oven

to this!

DIY, home diy, scouse mr darcy, woodfired oven, outside oven

I’m not a qualified builder, just a keen DIY-er. I’ve had various careers. I left school and started out breaking up pallets in a scrap yard. I then worked at British Gas as a gas service engineer. I studied during the evenings at university, for various qualifications. Then spent many enjoyable years as Director of Estate for a leading university. I recently took early retirement and set up my own business, Mavimor Consultancy.

I also volunteer as a Trustee for a mental health charity, Compass Counselling, in Liverpool.

When I was building the outdoor kitchen, I felt as if I’d come full circle as I spent a lot of time breaking up old pallets, as I recycled the wood and used it for various things.

I’m looking forward to sharing all the DIY tricks and tips I learned along the way and helping you with your DIY projects.


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