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How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen

I want to show you how to go from this… to this… and build your own outdoor kitchen!

Like most people, when the first UK lockdown started on 23 March 2020, I embarked on a lockdown project.

My project was to clear the rubbish dump at the bottom of the garden which had accumulated over many years. At least 5 years going by the number of dead Christmas trees I found!

When I eventually cleared it all I saw that there was a lot of potential for the space.

As the lockdown went on and on, it sadly became clear that there was not going to be any quick end to the global pandemic. It became obvious that we would need a Covid safe, socially distanced entertaining area for when we could finally meet up with family and friends. And because I love making home made pizza I had been wanting a wood fired oven for ages…

We are very lucky to have a fair sized garden. This meant I was able to build an outdoor kitchen with a BBQ, wood fired oven, a gazebo, food preparation area and a large patio.

I did all the work on my own. I won’t lie, it took months.

I’m not a qualified builder, just a keen DIY-er. So I had to learn as I went along.

I want to share the tips and tricks I learned along the way and help you build an outdoor kitchen of your very own, including:

  • Planning and designing
  • Laying a patio
  • Building a roofed structure
  • Tiling
  • Bricklaying
  • Joinery
  • Building a wood fired oven
  • Health and safety regarding outdoor kitchen sinks and water supplies
  • Recipes for BBQs and wood fired ovens
  • Making a mini smoker to smoke food
  • Planting a Japanese inspired garden
  • Recycling and upcycling

I was recently gobsmacked, to use a Scouse turn of phrase, when I found out I had won a national competition for the best lockdown project.

Scouse Mrs D secretly entered me into the competition. It was sponsored by a company called IronmongeryDirect and the generous prize was vouchers for their on line store. So there will be lots more DIY projects on the way!  And recipes for pizza!

I helped them write a very short guide to creating an outdoor kitchen which you can find here: A 10-step guide to creating your own outdoor kitchen

I was also featured in the Liverpool Echo and the Mirror and a friend who lives in Saudi Arabia phoned to tell me that I was trending in their Apple newsfeed, which was slightly bizarre.

If there are any particular DIY topics that you are interested in, please let me know through commenting on my blog or social media.

I’m looking forward to going on a DIY journey with you.

All the best

Scouse Mr Darcy

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