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Scouse Mr Darcy

Welcome to Scouse Mr Darcy Cooks!

As Jane Austen might have said … it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man in possession of a good set of kitchen knives and a cement mixer must be in want of a cookery and DIY blog.

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So welcome to my blog, Scouse Mr Darcy Cooks! This time of lockdown has been a challenge for all of us in so many ways. Like many people, I started a lockdown project. I just intended to clear the rubbish from the bottom of the garden but ended up building an outdoor kitchen with a bbq, wood fired oven, food preparation area, wine rack and pergola, ideal for Covid safe entertaining.

So many friends and neighbours asked me about the project and wanted recipes, it seemed like a good idea to put everything together in a blog.

The blog will also be a great opportunity to support local businesses, especially as everyone is struggling during these challenging times. I will be highlighting some excellent local producers and small businesses.

The name for the blog was inspired by a nickname given to me by one of my wife’s friends, Georgia Hill, who is a romantic novelist. Many years ago Georgia decided to call me ‘Scouse Mr Darcy’ and it has stuck.

The ‘Scouse’ refers to the fact that I am from Liverpool and Liverpudlians are known world wide as ‘Scousers’, in honour of the traditional dish of stew that we are famous for.

The Mr Darcy reference … I’ll have to ask Georgia about that in a future post! You can find out more about Georgia and her romantic novels here:

My website has been created by the amazing Katie Birks.

Many of the stunning travel photos on the blog are the work of my good friend, Mike Kerr.

I hope you enjoy my recipes and DIY tips. Look out for my first recipe post which will be a recipe for Scouse and will also celebrate Global Scouse Day which is held on 28 February.

All the best

Scouse Mr Darcy

Photography by Mike Kerr

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